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Sunday, October 17, 2010

wrestling lovers

I am writing this while I'm thinking my husband because he is not around yet. He went our with his band members to play music in the nearest town. Well, he is a big fan of wrestling! Even you can tell it if you will visit his blog page titled only my opinion. To tell you the truth and not only you will know it but also my husband knows that i don't like watching wrestling. I just don't like it! Well he is not the only one that loves to watch wrestling, i guess all his friends and also his little nephew, who just celebrated his birthday the last day. And because the nephew also loves wrestling, all his birthday gift was something related to the wrestling world. I am sharing you his pictures here. Don't forget to look at his birthday cake which look like a wrestling ring.

1 comment:

Bena said...

what a bunch of cute kids.. =)