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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Online TV

My husband and I been thinking about degrading our cable TV channels. It is a very good idea so we can save some money that we been paying for extra channels that we really don’t need. We have a lot of channels that is really not important and we never watch. As I am always online and writing my blog page for new post every day, I really don’t have much time to pay attention what ever is on. Well, my husband love watching TV shows as he says he can’t live without it! Between online and watching TV, I prefer to be in the Internet world. When I am online, I can watch TV shows and do a blog post or update my facebook and chat my friends. There is a lot of available Online TV that we can watch online. It is the same fun as the regular one. I can say it is much easier to watch shows online since you can bring your computer or laptops anywhere as long as you have the Internet access. Unlike the regular TV that you should just stay in your room and watch it! We already fixed our decision and will be watching channels that we don’t have on regular cable.

1 comment:

juliet said...

Hello! I've got an award for you on my blog, All Things Juliet. Hope you'll accept it when you have the chance. Thanks!