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Friday, October 8, 2010

Nail Technician's State board Exam

I just got here in state last December 2009 which was my first winter and snow experience. It was really cold for me that i don't like to go outside aside from the time that i want to experience playing on the snow and make my own snowman. Well, after 2 months of staying at home, i decided to go to a beauty school and take a nail tech course. Nail technician is literally someone who does something technical concerning finger/toe nails and is an exaggerated description of someone who would normally be called a manicurist. But i learned more than a manicure and pedicure, we also study on some nail enhancement like putting on fake nails and nail designs. Unlike in the Philippines that whoever know how to do manicure or pedicure can work and practice their skills, here in State they need you to take a 600 hours class and take a state board exam for nail tech license. I did finished my 600 hours study last July 2010 and then i sent my application for the state board exam to the Kentucky State Board of Kentucky State Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists, it's where i should it the test. Yesterday i got their mail and schedule for my exam and it will be on the 18th! So wish me luck

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