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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lechon Manok

Since i got here in Kentucky i tried my best to learn how to cook, especially Filipino foods. It is not really so easy to cook the same recipe as in the Philippines because I can't find all the ingredients that we use in our country. But eventhough I can't always complete the recipe ingredients i still end up with the Filipino taste. The lechon manok or roasted chicken is one of the recipe that i just tried the other month and my husband loves it. Lechon Manok is very popular in Philippines. When there is celebration in the family like birthday party, fiesta or family get-together, lechon manok is always present on the table. Here is the picture I took after i took out the chicken from the oven.


yen said...

Hi Mae, i was surprised as well y ng PR3 akong cooking blog. Last post nako was december last year and then idelete na unta nako xa yesterday kay ndelte nmn ang usa. Mau nlang gicheck nako ang pr b4 doing it, surprise kaaU ko pr3. wla pa xa na approve for ppp. said...