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Friday, October 8, 2010

State Board Exam Preparation

As what i wrote in my last post about my incoming state board exam, we did some shopping today for the supplies that i will need at the nearest sally's beauty supply in town. I say we spent more than we usually spend each week for shopping but it is all worth it because some of the supplies that we bought are also re-usable. I can use those supplies in my future job as nail professional when i get my license that i been waiting for a while. The stuff the we got includes my lab coat which is a little bit bigger for me but they only have one size for that so i don't have any chance to get the right fit for me. Well, this is one of the many requirements that the state board sent to me in mail that i need to purchase and follow, so i don't have any choice at all. I also got a disinfection container which i think is a very big points for me as the state board people will usually focus on how you disinfect your implement and i need this thing to do that! I did not forget to buy two fake hands that i need to use as my model. And there's many more things and supplies that we bought for the state board prepation. Now i need to double my time to study for the written test and practice for the practical exam...Whew...some pressure coming... see you around.

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