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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Business update

It's been two weeks now since I did not had time to open my blogsite and post new updates here. I been so busy for the past days. I just want you to all know that I am having fun with my new business now. Well, to everyone who did not read some my past post or I guess I forgot to mention that I opened a nail shop in part of one salon in our small town. Yes! I did it and I am here right now at the salon while I am writing this post. I don't have appointment this time but I am waiting for walk-in clients to come over who wants their nails done. For the past weeks I been doing good, I got clients that called for appointments and also got some walk-ins, so far i'm loving it. Just hoping that everything will get better and that I will get more appointments than what I am having right now. I know I am just new here and I need to build up my business and work for it. With the help of my husband and family and especially the Lord above, I may have a successful business. Will update you more about it soon. God bless us all.