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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We are packed!

I been busy for the past days, I am trying to make my own business card as a license nail tech. I will be renting at a space in one of the salon here in our town and do nails when I get back from my Philippine vacation. Yeah! Will visit the Philippines, my husband and me will leave for Iligan City tomorrow-early morning. I been packing all things that we need since last night, aside from the pasalubong (present to families and friends) coz I already ready it since last week. I am excited to see my family and friends back in Philippines, I been here in state for more than 10 months now. I know it’s not been so long since I leave the Philippines but still I miss them all and I miss the foods too! I might still be checking on here for sometimes so you can have updates on me. I will surely post some pictures from the Philippines.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Well, it was such a very long day for me and receiving award like this as a blogger, makes me more motivated to post more on my page.

I want to thank juliet for sharing me this award.

Upon accepting this award, I am also accepting the following rules.

The Rules:

Be sure to thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.

* Share 7 things about yourself.

* Pass the award to other bloggers who you think deserves it.

* Be sure to let the bloggers know you chose them to receive the award
So here are the seven things about me:
1. I love to eat.
2. I love to do nails
3. I love to cook
4. I love to experiment new recipe
5. I love to watch movies
6. I love to write 
7. I love/hate to read
Now i am passing this award to my husband, TIR , my journey, and every little thing

Nail Tech License

Hey friends! I am having a great big smile right now while writing this post. You want to know why? Well, we just got home from Frankfort, Kentucky specifically at the Kentucky Board of Hairdresser and Cosmetologist. I took my state board exam for my professional license as a nail tech. And you surely know now why I am smiling big it’s because I got it! I got the license that I been waiting to have for more than 2 months now since I got out from the beauty school. We went to Frankfort last Sunday and check-in at a hotel there since my examination schedule is early 8 o’clock in the morning the next day. We decided to drive there a day before because live more than 2 hours drive away. Today was a very long day for me. My husband and I got up like 6:30 in the morning and get ready. When we got at the State board place, I went inside while my husband waiting me inside our car at the parking area. They called all the examiners for a nail tech practical exam that scheduled 8am to signed in and then I waited for like 5 minutes and then they called us again to go to a room where we did our practical test. It took us 1 hour and 30 minutes to get done. After the practical we waited and waited until we got tired of waiting and ask on why it took us so long to wait while the other batch who were behind us are already gone. Then we decided to ask some people who are working there and then they just told us to wait for a minute and they will get back to us. Until they told us that our batch list was misplaced and they just found it, which was so frustrating because it’s like we are the only people there waiting and everybody are gone. We waited for 6 hours in the waiting room with no food because we are afraid that they call us to take the written test and we are not available. At last around 3:30 in the afternoon they finally called us for the written test. After an hour we found out the result and I passed it and brought home my license!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Online TV

My husband and I been thinking about degrading our cable TV channels. It is a very good idea so we can save some money that we been paying for extra channels that we really don’t need. We have a lot of channels that is really not important and we never watch. As I am always online and writing my blog page for new post every day, I really don’t have much time to pay attention what ever is on. Well, my husband love watching TV shows as he says he can’t live without it! Between online and watching TV, I prefer to be in the Internet world. When I am online, I can watch TV shows and do a blog post or update my facebook and chat my friends. There is a lot of available Online TV that we can watch online. It is the same fun as the regular one. I can say it is much easier to watch shows online since you can bring your computer or laptops anywhere as long as you have the Internet access. Unlike the regular TV that you should just stay in your room and watch it! We already fixed our decision and will be watching channels that we don’t have on regular cable.

wrestling lovers

I am writing this while I'm thinking my husband because he is not around yet. He went our with his band members to play music in the nearest town. Well, he is a big fan of wrestling! Even you can tell it if you will visit his blog page titled only my opinion. To tell you the truth and not only you will know it but also my husband knows that i don't like watching wrestling. I just don't like it! Well he is not the only one that loves to watch wrestling, i guess all his friends and also his little nephew, who just celebrated his birthday the last day. And because the nephew also loves wrestling, all his birthday gift was something related to the wrestling world. I am sharing you his pictures here. Don't forget to look at his birthday cake which look like a wrestling ring.

Different Nail Types

As I am reviewing all my notes from studying nail tech school, I had written about different nail types, it's characteristics and possible treatment. Here are some examples of it: Healthy Nails will have a pink appearance, are flexible, rarely break, are smooth, and have no visible signs of splitting, peeling, or breakage. It is recommended treatment is to apply strengtheners and conditioners to help balance what is needed to keep nails healthy, flexible and breakage- free. There are also dry, brittle nail that can show ridging, flaking at the free edge, as well as dry white spots that can be similar to dandruff. They also have tendency to break in the quick causing painful breaks. The recommended home care would also adding more nails conditioners and strengtheners. Nails are part of your hands and is very important to our body, it serves as protection for us. Let's take good care of it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Building a Business

I been very busy for the past days reviewing all the topics that we had discussed on my nail tech course. It is because I got my state board exam scheduled this Monday, October 18, 2010. Yes, I will take the state board exam for my nail tech professional license. After I will get my license I plan to rent a booth in the nearest salon in town. We went to check the place the other day and the space looks good for me. I am now very excited to start my own little business. I wish all will went well and I will get my license right away. I been searching online for some products that I can buy in a lesser price and use it for my nail shop. Like the polishes, acrylics and some other nail stuff and equipments that I still need to purchase. As part of building new business I know I need to research everything to learn more. Building a business is not easy especially for a new resident in this place like me. I have some friends that I know but not really that much to help me build a great clientele. And part of my preparation for the business I am looking for website where I can make customized business cards. I found one and it works great for me.

Sweetest Day

When i got up this morning, my husband told me to check on the kitchen table. He surprised me with a bouquet of flowers with chocolates. I asked him what's this for? He said it is for Sweetest Day and i asked him what is sweetest day, he said it is like valentine's day. I don't know about sweetest day because we don't celebrate that in Philippines. Well, i searched the meaning on wiki and this is what it says : Sweetest Day is an observance celebrated primarily in the Great Lakes region, and parts of the Northeast United States on the third Saturday in October. Once known as a day to spread love and cheer to the unfortunate, this popular holiday in the northern U.S. is now known as a day to show affection to the ones in your life whom you like. It is described by Retail Confectioners International as an "occasion which offers all of us an opportunity to remember not only the sick, aged and orphaned, but also friends, relatives and associates whose helpfulness and kindness we have enjoyed. Sweetest Day has also been referred to as a "concocted promotion" created by the candy industry solely to increase sales of sweets. So to all of you i would like to greet a HAPPY SWEETEST DAY!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Legal Drinking Age

My husband plays music usually every weekend. He is the bass guitar player in their band named Inside Out. I usually go with him every time he plays at a bar, a town fair or any other event that they are booked. Last Saturday night, I went with them when they play at a bar in Erlanger, Kentucky. It is more than an hour drive from town of Augusta, where we live. Well, aside from how long it takes us to get there and how late we got home from that bar. I also notice the sign on the bar door that says, “person under 21may not enter or remain on premises”. It’s not this bar that I see these sign posted but in every bar that I went to with my husband. I wonder the difference of legal drinking age between the United States and the Philippines. As I have read online, the legal drinking age refers to the earliest age that an individual is legally allowed to buy alcoholic beverages. This is often different from the age at which they may be permitted to drink alcohol. There can also be many exceptions or complications to the general law; in some countries the drinking age differs between public and private, or within bars and without. As what I observed that many bars in Philippines allowed a person even though they are less than 21 years of age. As what I researched that it is legal for a Filipino to buy alcoholic drink at the age of 16 and to go to bars at 18. So there’s a big difference here in State. But I noticed that bars in Philippines are not so strict as the bars here in States. Like one time that I went with my husband and one employee at the bar asked my age if I am less than 21. Maybe I look younger, but I told her that I am 27 and she asked me an identification but I did not carry any to show to her so she told me that I can’t order any alcoholic beverage since I didn’t prove that I am 21. That was funny but I don’t drink alcohol so it’s fine with me. But it does shows how strict they are about the legal drinking age.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Boost Mobile

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have found many fun things since I have made my move to the States from the Philippines and one of those fun things is Boost Mobile. It is so much fun to update my Facebook and Twitter right from my Blackberry!

It is so easy to Re-Boost as well, you can easily pay online, in person, or you can pay by phone! I really love being able to keep in touch with my friends, here and back in the Philippines, through my Blackberry on Facebook. It makes it so easy to do so when I am not home and around my computer.

My husband is in a country music band and I go along with him to a lot of his shows, which sometimes to tell you the truth can get a bit boring because I don’t know anyone there, so I will be updating my Facebook and Twitter and seeing what all my friends are doing at this time. They of course even make it easier because, Boost Mobile devices offer unlimited connectivity to Facebook for one price per month.

I guess what I am saying is that of all the new things that I have experienced since coming to America, Boost Mobile is definitely one of my favorite things!
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Friday, October 8, 2010

State Board Exam Preparation

As what i wrote in my last post about my incoming state board exam, we did some shopping today for the supplies that i will need at the nearest sally's beauty supply in town. I say we spent more than we usually spend each week for shopping but it is all worth it because some of the supplies that we bought are also re-usable. I can use those supplies in my future job as nail professional when i get my license that i been waiting for a while. The stuff the we got includes my lab coat which is a little bit bigger for me but they only have one size for that so i don't have any chance to get the right fit for me. Well, this is one of the many requirements that the state board sent to me in mail that i need to purchase and follow, so i don't have any choice at all. I also got a disinfection container which i think is a very big points for me as the state board people will usually focus on how you disinfect your implement and i need this thing to do that! I did not forget to buy two fake hands that i need to use as my model. And there's many more things and supplies that we bought for the state board prepation. Now i need to double my time to study for the written test and practice for the practical exam...Whew...some pressure coming... see you around.

A little help for Mobility

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Every one of us is trying to do everything to be sure that they get or buy the right thing, especially those people who are handicap and have mobility problems. They need to have the special equipments and facilities for their own good and safety. To have the assurance that you are buying the right thing, we need to believe and trust the manufacturer those things that we planned to have. Why I am talking about this? Because I am trying to help those people in need of this equipments and I found out that there is an association called NMEDA, which means National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. An Association of Mobility Dealers, Manufacturers and Rehabilitation Professionals that advocates providing safe, reliable vehicles and modifications to enhance accessibility for all people. NMEDA has Dealers AND Quality Assurance Program (QAP) dealers. The Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is the only nationally recognized accreditation program for the Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry. It is based on the principle that in order to satisfy customers consistently, companies must have a systematic and documented approach to quality. I checked on this website and find out that there are qualified dealers near in our town. If you want to check it out just go to their site and hit the dealers locator and type in your ZIP code.
Visit my sponsor: NMEDA

Nail Technician's State board Exam

I just got here in state last December 2009 which was my first winter and snow experience. It was really cold for me that i don't like to go outside aside from the time that i want to experience playing on the snow and make my own snowman. Well, after 2 months of staying at home, i decided to go to a beauty school and take a nail tech course. Nail technician is literally someone who does something technical concerning finger/toe nails and is an exaggerated description of someone who would normally be called a manicurist. But i learned more than a manicure and pedicure, we also study on some nail enhancement like putting on fake nails and nail designs. Unlike in the Philippines that whoever know how to do manicure or pedicure can work and practice their skills, here in State they need you to take a 600 hours class and take a state board exam for nail tech license. I did finished my 600 hours study last July 2010 and then i sent my application for the state board exam to the Kentucky State Board of Kentucky State Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists, it's where i should it the test. Yesterday i got their mail and schedule for my exam and it will be on the 18th! So wish me luck

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lechon Manok

Since i got here in Kentucky i tried my best to learn how to cook, especially Filipino foods. It is not really so easy to cook the same recipe as in the Philippines because I can't find all the ingredients that we use in our country. But eventhough I can't always complete the recipe ingredients i still end up with the Filipino taste. The lechon manok or roasted chicken is one of the recipe that i just tried the other month and my husband loves it. Lechon Manok is very popular in Philippines. When there is celebration in the family like birthday party, fiesta or family get-together, lechon manok is always present on the table. Here is the picture I took after i took out the chicken from the oven.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Saturday for Grocery

Me and my husband just got home from our grocery shopping at Walmart. It's part of our weekly things to go for shopping every saturday. The first part of our shopping mostly is at the meat section as we love to eat meat! But not all of meat that i wanted to buy can be found, so sometimes i will just experiment my cooking. Last month, we went to jungle jim international market to shop for Philippine foods and yes i did found some good meat and other delicacies. And i end up cooking a roasted pig using oven and it was really good though not as good as the Philippine lechon but it has have the similar taste. Here is the photo i took after the cooking.