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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Building a Business

I been very busy for the past days reviewing all the topics that we had discussed on my nail tech course. It is because I got my state board exam scheduled this Monday, October 18, 2010. Yes, I will take the state board exam for my nail tech professional license. After I will get my license I plan to rent a booth in the nearest salon in town. We went to check the place the other day and the space looks good for me. I am now very excited to start my own little business. I wish all will went well and I will get my license right away. I been searching online for some products that I can buy in a lesser price and use it for my nail shop. Like the polishes, acrylics and some other nail stuff and equipments that I still need to purchase. As part of building new business I know I need to research everything to learn more. Building a business is not easy especially for a new resident in this place like me. I have some friends that I know but not really that much to help me build a great clientele. And part of my preparation for the business I am looking for website where I can make customized business cards. I found one and it works great for me.


yen said...

good luck Mae

Ferdie P. said...

learn more business opportunity like lechon manok is the best solution in your area.
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If you have some question please email me

Salamat at Mabuhay,


Ferdie P. said...

hi mae,
if you love to cook or build a business try to venture a lechon manok like costco selling lechon manok for 4.99/lechon na manok.
some people enjoy to eat lechon for the whole family.
If you need equipment we have 28 or 16 checken per load at 45 minutes all are cooked.
Try to calculate everyday how much checken you can cook every month.

If you have some question please email me at

i'm looking forward to heard from you soon,