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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Different Nail Types

As I am reviewing all my notes from studying nail tech school, I had written about different nail types, it's characteristics and possible treatment. Here are some examples of it: Healthy Nails will have a pink appearance, are flexible, rarely break, are smooth, and have no visible signs of splitting, peeling, or breakage. It is recommended treatment is to apply strengtheners and conditioners to help balance what is needed to keep nails healthy, flexible and breakage- free. There are also dry, brittle nail that can show ridging, flaking at the free edge, as well as dry white spots that can be similar to dandruff. They also have tendency to break in the quick causing painful breaks. The recommended home care would also adding more nails conditioners and strengtheners. Nails are part of your hands and is very important to our body, it serves as protection for us. Let's take good care of it.

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