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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Legal Drinking Age

My husband plays music usually every weekend. He is the bass guitar player in their band named Inside Out. I usually go with him every time he plays at a bar, a town fair or any other event that they are booked. Last Saturday night, I went with them when they play at a bar in Erlanger, Kentucky. It is more than an hour drive from town of Augusta, where we live. Well, aside from how long it takes us to get there and how late we got home from that bar. I also notice the sign on the bar door that says, “person under 21may not enter or remain on premises”. It’s not this bar that I see these sign posted but in every bar that I went to with my husband. I wonder the difference of legal drinking age between the United States and the Philippines. As I have read online, the legal drinking age refers to the earliest age that an individual is legally allowed to buy alcoholic beverages. This is often different from the age at which they may be permitted to drink alcohol. There can also be many exceptions or complications to the general law; in some countries the drinking age differs between public and private, or within bars and without. As what I observed that many bars in Philippines allowed a person even though they are less than 21 years of age. As what I researched that it is legal for a Filipino to buy alcoholic drink at the age of 16 and to go to bars at 18. So there’s a big difference here in State. But I noticed that bars in Philippines are not so strict as the bars here in States. Like one time that I went with my husband and one employee at the bar asked my age if I am less than 21. Maybe I look younger, but I told her that I am 27 and she asked me an identification but I did not carry any to show to her so she told me that I can’t order any alcoholic beverage since I didn’t prove that I am 21. That was funny but I don’t drink alcohol so it’s fine with me. But it does shows how strict they are about the legal drinking age.

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