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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Public Market

I think all of us know what is market place. It is where people buy and sell things, usually with profit as the objective. Some markets have a physical location like the fruit markets and the stockmarket. In the Philippines, usually every city, mucipality or town have their own public markets. This market is not like the market at the mall where you can see all the products are organized and place at the right area which you can easily find. In public market, all the products can be found in different part of the market which sometimes not the same in prices. In public market also you can see where the farmers or fishermans deliver their products so it's expected to be cheaper then the others because they not adding profit on each product, is still on its original prices. You can also see the wholesale buyers for those products. Some vendors in a public market went out the place and sometimes display their products right near the street sides so they can have more customers and their products will be sold sooner. Though this is againts the government rules still some did not obey. Here are some photos i took in one of the market Iligan City.

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