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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Coconut Trees in Philippines

Philippines is abundant in many different kind of trees that can be found in any part of the country. Coconut tree is one of the most common that grows almost in all Philippine islands. The country is the world's second largest producer of coconut products, after Indonesia. The coconut tree is considered as the "tree of life" in the Philippines becasuse of its many uses, from its roots to tips (leaves), from culinary to non-culinary. Let me cite you some sample of its uses: Coconut roots are used as beverage, dye, mouthwash, and medicine for dysentery (formerly known as flux or the bloody flux). Coconut trunks, its hardy and durable wood is used for building small bridges, preferred for their straightness, strength and salt resistance. Coconut branches (leaf petioles) are strong and flexible enough to make a switch (a flexible rod, typically used for corporal punishment). Coconut water provides an isotonic electrolyte balance, and is a highly nutritious food source.Coconut shell produces the core of the most saleable household products and fashion accessories that can be turned into lucrative, wide-selling cottage industries and many more other uses.

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