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Monday, December 29, 2008

Firewoods for Cooking

Cooking with firewood is also common in rural areas of the Philippines. Cooking on a wood fire can produce the finest quality food in the world. They says nothing surpasses the excellence of smoke-flavor - enhanced and gently cooked fare from a traditional cookstove. Ideally, your wood should be thoroughly seasoned, meaning well -dried One of the biggest mistakes beginning wood cooks make is choosing the wrong fuel. Hardwoods burn slowly and give a long lasting heat-perfect for "keeping" the fire after you get it going with a lighter-weight, lower-kindling-temperature species like pine. Lightweight wood curates an enthusiastic, bright, hot and fast flame, excellent for getting your fire started and for quick jobs like boiling a cup of tea or frying an egg.




Yeah I agree, cooking using firewood doesn't only produce delicious food but is also fun compared to the modern day stove that utilizes LPG. Can we exchange links? If its ok with you, please include my blogs in your blog roll:


sportaddict said...

korek!!! foods cooked using fire woods are the best!!


Pinoy Contests said...

Happy New Year! Great blog! Here's a fun cooking contest you might be interested in joining: