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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Philippines Church Wedding

Philippines wedding in catholic church is known to be so strict in their requirements and policies. It is also more difficult if one of the couple is not a catholic, they have more documents to need. I and my american boyfriend are both catholic and we're planning for a church wedding so we found the following requirements for catholic church wedding: 1. Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates - required for both the bride and the groom. These documents must be new, be annotated: "FOR MARRIAGE PURPOSES ONLY", and have been obtained not more than three (3) months before the date of marriage; For mixed marriage (different religions) -- a dispensation must be secured from the Parish Office which will be released after the canonical interview with the parish priest or his assistant. These have to be presented one week before the wedding. 2. Marriage License For those who are first married in a civil ceremony, a certified true photocopy of the Marriage Contract with the registry number of the city or town where the marriage was performed must be submitted one week before the wedding date. 3. Canonical Interview - The parish priest or his assistant will conduct an interview with the bride and the groom one month before the wedding date. The interview will be scheduled upon the signing of the application form. 4. Pre-Marriage Seminar - The seminar will be scheduled during the canonical interview or you may inquire at the parish office. Some churches will allow you to attend other pre-wedding seminars such as the Discovery Weekend or Catholic Engaged Encounter. 5. Permission - The bride must receive permission to marry from her parish, if the venue is in another parish. 6. Wedding Banns - The couple must post the schedule of their wedding in their respective parishes. These will be provided during the canonical interview and have to be immediately brought to the respective parishes of the bride and the groom for posting. These have to be returned to the office after three Sundays. (The respective parishes may ask some requirements for the posting of the banns i.e. a picture each from the bride and the couple.) 7. List of names and addresses of principal sponsors (Ninongs and Ninangs) - The list has to be submitted to the parish office one week before the wedding date. Church policy requires at least a pair of sponsors and, ideally, a maximum of six sponsors. 8. For widow or widower - A copy of the death certificate of the former spouse must be presented to the parish office. 9. For renewal of vows - remember to bring a copy of the Catholic Marriage Contract.

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