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Monday, November 22, 2010

Small Business

Since I started my small nail business in the town, I think a lot of things to do so people will know about it. I will make my own business card, posters that my husband posted in every part of the town and in the neighboring area. And as I mentioned that I posted it on facebook and has it’s own page for everyone to like and have can have track about the nail shop. I am also thinking to build a new website for the business, if I can find a cheap web host or even a free one just for the starting business. I know there’s hosting site that I can find just for now as the building process of the business. I also want to make my own business logo for the sake of promoting easily to everybody. As I observed when you have your own logo it is much more easier for everyone to recognize your products or the services you offered. As for example for me, I am doing nail shop business, if someone will see a logo of nails or a pedicure picture then they will surely know it is all about nails or about beauty service. I look online for logo and I found Logo Design Packages that are designed by professionals. I’m thinking of getting one as part of the business building up process.

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