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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sukang Pinakurat

A homegrown food processing family business is taking the whole country and soon, the rest of the world by surprise. The Pinakurat is the now famous brand of vinegar made in Iligan City. And there seems no stopping its growing fame because it has not only become the must-have pasalubong from visitors of this city of waterfalls, but it is the most in demand padala to Filipinos abroad. Sukang Pinakurat is that spicy vinegar made from fermented coconut nectar and spices grown in the farmlands of Iligan City and Lanao del Norte. Its mercuric rise to the top of the condiment and dip business owes primarily to the fact that it takes over one’s taste buds and gives the pulutan or any food that needed zzzing! The word “pinakurat” is an affixation of the Sebuano (correct spelling instead of “Cebuano” according to language scholars) root word “kurat.” “Kurat,” according to De la Cruz, means surprise. Thus, “pinakurat” means in a sudden or surprising manner as to shock the person. “Since the taste of the vinegar mixed with the spices was very similar to that used in the pinakurat dish, we decided to name our product after it,” explained Stuart del Rosario. And sure enough, sukang Pinakurat’s taste took everyone by surprise. “Papawisan ka sa sarap” (you’ll break out into a sweat from its spiciness) so the ad goes. The sukang Pinakurat indirectly provides 500 jobs to farmers who supply the coco nectar and spices from the different farmlands in and around Iligan. According to Stuart del Rosario’s son, Rene “Peppo” Jr., who now manages the family business, they plan to ship the sukang Pinakurat to Australia, Canada and parts of the United States.


beth said...

Im marbeth liscano, a proud iliganon working here in cebu in one of the food manufacturing. Im really a sukang pinakurat lover. Everytime i went home in iligan city i really wont forget to buy bottles of Sukang pinakurat for pasalubong for my cor-workmates. The taste is really awesome and has its sizzling hot taste which i like as well as a twist of spices. i really want to apply this to one of my product development project. Hope the manufacture can provide packing in gallons in cheaper price.

Nathan said...

Pinakurat is now available in the USA through FBC Worldwide LLC, their exclusive distributor in the states.

For more info, visit:

Anonymous said...
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