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Saturday, January 24, 2009

First Filipino House

There are various kind of housing styles and decorations that you can found in the Philippines, because Filipino people are known to be very creative and stylist in everything we are doing, especially in our homes. The Filipino houses responds also to the climate in the country. Although there are many variations, generally the roof of the first Philippine houses, nipa huts, or bahay kubo, were high pitched and usually open gabled to allow for ventilation. The steeply sloping pitch also protected from the wind and rain in the typhoon season. The roof also provided wide overhang eaves, to provide shade from the hot sun. Depending on the ecology of the area, the materials may differ around the Philippines. The major building materials are: bamboo (kawayan), rattan (yantok), various native woods, native palms like palma brava (anahaw), and nipa palms, cane, and cogon, a long grass, for thatching. Stone and clay are sometimes used as well. They also was using bamboo kitchen sinks before. Because we are talking about the first Filipino houses in particular, which the materials used of the house is can be found near the site, but for this new generation and for improvements, some materials are already imported. In general houses even is just simple but must be organized and clean, it doesn’t need to have very expensive decorations and things around the corner of our houses to make it presentable to everybody.

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