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Friday, July 10, 2009

Centella Care

Pimple and acne problem occurs in time you wouln't expect. Many have experience this kind of skin problem especially women and I am one of them. Pimples are commonly caused by clogged or infected pores. Pimples usually develop after blackheads or whiteheads have become infected. When breakouts of pimples occur often, it is considered acne. It is highly recommended that if these conditions exist, that they are treated immediately. Most times, when acne is ignored, it can leave visible scars on your skin, this is what i learned from skin expert that i am visiting for my pimples treatment. She also recommend me pimple cremes and cleanser. Centella creme is one of what she have given me, as she said it has extraordinary healing effects on the skin. It helps in the healing of any lesions, and prevents excess scar tissue from forming on the healing wounds. Centella helps to repair the walls of the veins and capillaries in the skin, thereby promoting healthy circulation. It also improves tissue firmness and elasticity, improving skin appearance and comfort. Check out this product to the nearest skin care clinic in your place and ask the skin doctor about your pimple problem and its treatment.

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