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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pagsanjan falls

The Pagsanjan Falls is one of the most famed waterfalls in the Philippines. The falls have grown into a major tourist attraction for the region. Pagsanjan is most famous for these falls in particular. The town itself dates from early Spanish times and lies at the confluence of two rivers, the Balanac and the Bumbungan. While popularly known as the Pagsanjan Falls, locally they are "Magdapio Falls," after the legendary patriarch. Their actual location is not in Pagsanjan at all but in the adjacent town of Cavinti. The Pagsanjan Falls has a strong flow of tourists visiting the area, tourists are ferried to the famed falls with a traditional Filipino Banca Boat for a small fee. The only passable route to it is the Bumbungan River of Pagsanjan. To reach Pagsanjan Falls, tourists or visitors have to ride these boats, manned by skilled Pagsanjeño boatmen (bankeros). The base of the Pansanjan falls is a natural pool, allowing great swimming and diving. There are some caves to explore around the area which are known for their acoustics. Behind the waterfalls there is also a small cave which you can enter. The falls are also famous for its massage, where people get 'massaged' under the falls.

1 comment:

klivengood said...

I've been there but it was raining so we didn't try to sail the bamboo boat and cellphone had no signal...haha. but it is really nice place to visit.