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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


You can’t talk about Cebuano food specialties without mentioning danggit. Also known as rabbit fish in English are small thin fish popularly sold in dried salted form. It is best paired with hot rice and dipped in vinegar (others prefer with crushed chili peppers). I like danggit most when is is fried(photo below).
Danggit is known to be as a poor man’s food like any other types of dried fish. But the rich and poor alike who loves to eat this typical Cebuano delicacy. This is also the most popular pasalubong aside from the otap, rosquillos and dried mangoes. So when you are planning to visit Cebu City do not forget to visit their markets and buy some danggit.


GraceMags said...

oh i miss cebu and its dangit. i can feel my salivary glands working now! huhuhu. wish i could go home to cebu now for some dangit.

by the way, it doesn't seem to be the poor man's food in some cases. it's so darn expensive in taboan! haha

MAE said...

yeah really not a poor man's food but other thinks if it's dried fish then it's for poor, well not all though