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Friday, February 13, 2009

Blog portal

Attention to all bloggers here in Philippines and anywhere in the world. I found a blog portals that can help you linked all your blog topics to everyone who are interested. Just visit, offers FREE hosting of community aggregators. Their blog portal is a customizable website that features blogs typically authored by like-minded bloggers – a blogging community. Such aggregators provide easy access to blogs about a specific topic. Successful aggregators are also a major source of blog traffic that all bloggers need for their pages. To make your own community aggregator check out my own aggregator that I have made for my blog page is titled only in the Philippines. Anyone who is on my blogrolls or to those who are checking my page you can link my to aggregator page so you can follow all my topics. You can also submit your own blog to only in the Philippines aggregator by using the link “add my blog”. What you waiting for? Join now and have a customizable aggregator that will help you gain more traffics on your page. The entry clicks made through the aggregator page or through widgets count toward entry popularity. Popular entries propagate through to the home page. There are a couple successful community aggregators already that are hosted by

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