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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life Update

Wow! It’s been a long time since I haven’t check on this page! It’s over two months already and I am sorry for staying away and not updating the page. I always say to myself that I will be updating my blog but I kept forgetting it and sometimes laziness hit me too! LOL. Well, I need have a lot of news to tell you, I still doing good in my nail business and as of this month my earnings keeps getting higher that means it’s catching up. Though some week it gets so slow that I got bored waiting for someone to walk-in the shop’s door but then the next day it gets better again! And before I forgot to tell you guys, I got the great news ever! I’m more than two months pregnant now! Actually today it’s exactly my 10 weeks! This is our first baby and we are really excited! We’re hoping for a baby girl but it really doesn’t matter as long as he or she is healthy. I am still having the “morning sickness”, and it’s not easy! I got so sick in my stomach almost everyday and sometimes in the whole day. I know some mothers know how it feels. It is so hard for me when I am working because I don’t to throw up at work! Well, I am hoping it gets better next month coz I will be done my first trimester. So wish me luck and some prayers! For now I am done here and I will try hard to get part of my time to be here and keep blogging! God bless you all!

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