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Friday, April 22, 2011

Exciting day!

First of all, I am hoping everyone is having a blessed and peaceful Good Friday. As for my day was long too but still a blessed day with my husband. Today is my first visit to the doctor’s clinic for my pregnancy. As first visit goes I filled out information sheets and had counseling with the nurse today about my pregnancy. I was asked for a urine sample, she said they would do that every now and then visit to test for some infections. I also did some blood test for HIV and other stuff including iron test and it turns our good for that. And she made my second appointment on May 2 and she said at this time I will meet my doctor and will undergo series of test about my pregnancy. When we got home I am surprised to received a big box of Filipino foods that I ordered online the other day. I was so excited while my husband was opening it! I got different kind of food that I crave and miss! My day was long but I enjoyed it! I hope everyone to have a great Lenten season and a great Easter Sunday in advance.

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