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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Month of June

Time flies fast and it's June now! Aside from what i had mention in my last post that this is the month when classes starts, this is also month for weddings as many ladies in Philippines wants to be a June Bride. To those who are planning to have a Philippine catholic wedding, you need to take note the following requirements:

Marriage License - This should have four months validity. For other couples who had civil wedding prior to church wedding, you just need to submit the Marriage Contract. And to secure a Marriage License in the Philippines, below are the requirements you need to submit:
1. NSO Birth Certificates
2. CENOMAR - Certificate of No Marriage form from NSO office.
3. Parental Consent for couples aged 18 to 21 or Parental Advice for those 22-25 years old.
4. Passport sized Pictures
5. Residence Certificate
6. Seminar - Conducted by the Division of Maternal & Child Health at the Municipal/City Hall
7. Application Form

Baptismal Certificate - Each should submit baptismal certificate with annotation “for marriage purposes”.

Confirmation Certificate - Same thing with baptismal certificate, this also requires an annotation of “for marriage purposes” and should be valid in six months.
- Publication of Wedding Banns for three consecutive Sundays in the parish of the bride & groom, also permission from the parish of the bride
- Catholic Seminar
- Canonical Interview
- List of Principal Sponsors

Best Wishes to those who are planning to get married and Good Luck!

1 comment:

Webster Twelb said...

I think you forgot to say that they will be needing a lot of money..:)

cheers to those who will tie the knot.