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Monday, August 25, 2008

The Philippine Jeep

Anywhere in the Philippines we can see jeepneys, its either for passenger jeep or for personal service of the owner. Jeepney are the number one public transportation in our country, we can see either at the rural place and at the city area. Some says that jeepney is also a "philippine icon", this means that when you talk about jeepneys then you are talking about the Filipino Country.
Jeepney drivers also have unique regulations, specially those that are used for passenger transportation. They are of course responsible of the safety of whoever is on the ride. Usually it is not advisable to those passenger jeep to overload specially on the top of the jeepney. But some drivers like those at the hinterlands who wants to have more passenger to earn more in just a trip are not following the said rules. Some also jeepney service for those who are going an outing or a trip with relatives and friends wants to arrive at the same time so it turn out the jeepney to be overloaded (see the attached photo).

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