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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Something New

I been busy for the past months so i haven't posted anything new in here. Though sometimes i have free time to put updates here but i just don't feel like writing. Well, I been going to a beauty school here in Kentucky for a nail tech course. Yeah! It's for nails.. While i get into this school, i observed the differences of how they practice here in State and in the Philippines for the nail tech study. Here in State, i need to go for about more than a month of study and know everything about nails, their parts, diseases, and how to be safe when doing clients. After your study, you need to take the board state exam to get your license to be a Nail Professional or a Nail Pro. In the Philippines, it won't take that long to study these kind of nail stuff. As long as you know how then you can go on apply in any salon to do nails! Well, I prefer the way here because it's seems the very right way to do. And i feel like i really going to be a Professional! I started to gather and buy some of my manicure and pedicure kits and many other stuff practice. I got some polishes and different kind of brushes online. There are many online website to check like ebay, funbrain, craiglist and more. You can find cheaper and good things out there for you..

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